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Archaeology - Roman Egypt

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Roman Egypt has so much to recommend it to archaeologists that it is not surprising that its sands and soils have been probed for centuries in search of clues about the birth of western civilization. Indeed it is much more even than that, as it is also a link to a far more ancient culture than most can imagine. In this camp diggers will have the chance to experience for themselves the ideas, artifacts and places which Roman conquerors brought to the land of the Nile  (think Antony and Cleopatra) and the local customs they adopted for themselves (think mummies, beliefs and Egyptian art). In this rich mix of ancient Egyptian and "modern" Roman life a curious hybrid society developed which lasted for centuries and shaped much of what has come down to us as our heritage in the 21st century of the common era. Topics covered include Roman and Egyptian buildings, early Christian history, hieroglyphics and the meanings buried in the stunning geography of the Nile Valley. What were these places, ideas and things? In this camp students will not only excavate and handle rare and precious things, they will also hear the stories and see the photos of some of the most important iconic artifacts in the history of humankind. In short, if they're interested, they can learn about a magnificent epoch in human history, get their questions answered and feel the thrill of discovery normally reserved for professionals. The instructor has studied, excavated and traveled widely in Egypt and the Middle East. If you want to stimulate you mind by learning about the history, geography and culture of these places this may be your best chance ever.

General Information
  • Campers should arrive dressed for the weather, with appropriate footwear and a cap or hat.
  • Sunblock and kid-friendly bug dope may also be needed.
  • All campers should pack a hearty lunch, labeled drink and a snack.
  • Space is limited; please sign up early if you wish to have your children attend.
  • Head Instructor: Geoffrey Purcell
  • Bus Transportation: NOT AVAILABLE
  • Aftercare: M-Th only, $30 until 5:15 pm. No early care available, drop off from 8:30 am.