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Archaeology - Palestine in the Roman Period

The history of Palestine is informed by countless texts, from grafitti and inscriptions on coins and pots to the masterpieces of literature and religion contained in Torah, the Bible and Koran.

General Information
  • Campers should arrive dressed for the weather, with appropriate footwear and a cap or hat.
  • Sunblock and kid-friendly bug dope may also be needed.
  • All campers should pack a hearty lunch, labeled drink and a snack.
  • Space is limited; please sign up early if you wish to have your children attend.
  • Head Instructor: Geoffrey Purcell
  • Bus Transportation: NOT AVAILABLE
Camp Descriptions
  • These are known to archaeologists as "inscribed artifacts" and relate some of the grandest narratives ever conceived by human minds.
  • But what of uninscribed artifacts? What stories do they tell? How do you read them?
  • Our site this week comes from stratigraphic layers corresponding to the time around the First Jewish Revolt against Rome (years 66-73 of the Common Era) in Jerusalem.
  • See for yourself what happens when history and archaeology converge to tell of momentous events in a distant place, from a time nearly 2,000 years ago, the consequences of which reverberate to this day.
  • Aftercare: M-Th only, $30 until 5:15p. No early care available, drop off from 8:30am.
  • Bus Transportation: NOT AVAILABLE